Curatorial Fellow (Collections), Visual Arts

Minneapolis, MN

This Fellowship provides an opportunity for emerging museum professionals or humanities scholars to work within a busy Curatorial Department on a new collections initiative. We seek applicants interested in modern/contemporary art collecting practices as they relate to a changing and increasingly interdisciplinary museum field.

 The Walker is committed to the responsible stewardship of its collection of almost 13,000 artworks and is placing renewed priority on transparency by improving systems of artwork documentation, research, and tracking of key demographic data. This work will ensure greater accessibility for staff, scholars, online and offsite visitors, and the general public. While the collection demonstrates unique areas of strength, the Walker is more conscious than ever of the need for transparent and accessible data, which are vital for driving meaningful change in diversifying and broadening the collection.

Working with colleagues in Curatorial, Registration, and Archives & Visual Resources, the Fellow will conduct intensive research into the Walker's collections with an emphasis on diversity, equity, access, and inclusion (DEAI). The Fellow will analyze demographic information across existing holdings, surface artists and artworks in need of further research, and work with the Curatorial and Registration teams to develop best practices for incoming acquisitions. An area of key focus will include the gathering, recording, synthetizing, and communicating demographic data of artists represented and incoming to the collection.

This mentorship opportunity will provide solid experience in both practical and theoretical aspects of museum practice. In addition to supervised work within the collections initiative, the Fellow will participate in internal and cross-institutional peer dialogue about DEAI efforts as they relate to collections development and priorities. The research the Fellow conducts will inform discussions with the Curatorial team regarding the Walker's forthcoming Long-Range Acquisitions, which is due to be redrafted in 2022.

 Responsibilities will include:

    • Conduct in-depth research into the Walker's permanent collection to assess existing demographic data of artists represented in the collection.
    • Generate a summary report outlining the current condition of demographic data, specifying degrees to which data is complete and the methods by which data has been collected.
    • Research and make recommendations for how the Walker should approach the retroactive specification of demographic data.
    • After establishing best practices and protocols, work to designate a set number of the almost 2,300 artists represented in the Walker's permanent collection. Generate a plan for how the Walker can continue this work in the future.
    • Participate in cross-institutional working groups with peer museums regarding demographic data and collection processes.
    • Research and make recommendations for new demographic data measures. Collaborate with the team on the refinement of the Walker's artist questionnaire document.
    • Work with the Digital Media team on generating recommendations for revisions to the presentation and search functions of the Permanent Collection on the Walker's website.
    • Participate in discussions with the Curatorial team regarding demographic measures and strategies for diversifying the collection.
    • Participate in discussions with the Curatorial team regarding the revised 2023 Long-Range Acquisitions Plan.
    • Participate in internal working groups oriented around the initiative supported by the grant.
    • Participate in weekly Visual Arts Department and Archives & Library/Registration meetings.
    • Deliver presentations when required.


  • Full-time (35 hours), Salary Exempt, $40,000 annually
  • Excellent benefits package, Walker membership and museum discount, and the opportunity to work alongside talented individuals and support remarkable artists, events and programming.

Required Skills & Qualifications:

B.A. or M.A. degree in art history, museum studies, arts administration, or a related field (e.g. cultural studies, curatorial studies, data management).

Excellent verbal and written communication skills and familiarity with modern and contemporary art required.


Please note: international candidates must secure at their expense and be in possession of a valid US work visa. Qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds and/or studies are strongly encouraged to apply


The Walker is committed to being an inclusive workplace. Our goal is to be a diverse workforce that is representative, at all job levels, of the communities and audiences we serve. We are dedicated to fair and inclusive employment practices for all individuals.

The Walker Art Center requires all employees to comply with our COVID vaccination policy, which requires staff to be fully vaccinated or test every 6 days. The Walker Art Center is an equal opportunity employer and will consider request for reasonable accommodations based on disability or sincerely-held religious beliefs possible without undue hardship.