Security Guard

Minneapolis, MN

The Control Center serves as the central communications hub for emergency radio and telephone communications for the Walker Art Center. The Control Guard helps to provide 24/7/365 monitoring of the Walker’s security, life safety and operational systems and responds accordingly if an emergency or issue arises.  Control Guards back up, help support, and assists the Chief Guards and Security Manager in all facets of their job.


Control Center Responsibilities:  

  • Is familiar with, and successfully operates, all WAC security systems. (camera system, access control, fire and burglar systems, etc.).
  • Patrol Walker campus and conduct regular security/safety rounds of the facility and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  Assess and audit physical security and operational issues.
  • Must take charge in emergency situations, communicating necessary information to Chief Guards, contacting emergency resources, and responding as needed (i.e., medicals, weather, fire emergencies, power failures, active threats). 
  • Oversee museum evacuation procedures using PA system; ensuring clear communication with police, park police, and medics, if the situation requires. 
  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of the building, campus, and staff: evacuation routes, museum and Sculpture Garden policies, etc. 
  • Partake in CPR training every two years, as well as become TSA certified to enter and/or monitor art storage areas. 
  • Monitor and secure physical access controls throughout the Walker campus.
  • Distribute staff ID badges, access control cards, and keys.  
  • Communicate with Registration and Program Services department or as needed when art issues arise.
  • Complete daily security reports and document incident information in written reports.  
  • Review incident footage, save video when instructed.
  • Check visitors, vendors and contractors in and out of the Walker.
  • Utilize WAC security camera system to closely monitor the Walker campus, collection, staff and visitors, including the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  
  • Maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality.  
  • Provide security escorts for maintenance or other activities throughout campus.
  • Inventory any equipment stored in Control Center (i.e., radios, keycards, keys, etc.)
  • Keep the dock area secure and safe.
  • Collaborate with Dock Master to monitor incoming shipments (i.e., art, mail, deliveries, etc.) 
  • Ensure limited traffic on the dock during art deliveries. 
  • Cover overnight control shifts, as needed. 

Visitor/Employee Experience:

  • Work closely with Visitor Services, Facility Rental and Operations staff to ensure all events run smoothly in relation to safety and overall visitor experience.
  • Place highest priority on visitor/employee experience; help establish a welcome and respectful environment.  
  • Consistently welcome, communicate and support your co-workers, manager, WAC staff, contractors, vendor’s, agents, and police.
  • Resolve visitor experience issues/obstacles related to security/safety by using productive customer service and communication skills.


  • High school diploma required.
  • 1-2 years’ experience in security or monitoring situations required.
  • Professional demeanor and a strong customer service orientation is required. 
  • Ability to work with diverse visitors/employees/groups.
  • Excellent decision-making skills with the proven ability to show good judgment in stressful or unexpected situations (emergencies, customer service issues, etc.), and to respond effectively with staff and visitors regarding the safety and security of the facility.
  • Proficient working knowledge in use of various security systems and routines (i.e., monitoring equipment, access control, etc.)
  • Knowledge of computers, MS Office Suite (Word, Excel) is preferred.


  • Prolonged periods sitting at a desk, monitoring cameras and working on a computer.
  • Work in various environments such as cold weather, rain/snow or heat.
  • Stand or walk on various surfaces for long periods of time.
  • Climb stairs, ramps or natural terrain on a daily basis.
  • Occasionally lift or carry 5-10 pounds. 


  • Full-time ( 35 hours per week); Wednesday-Sunday day 11:00 am - 8:30 pm; $17.00 per hour; non-exempt. 
  • Robust benefits package, Walker membership and museum discount, and the opportunity to work alongside talented individuals and support remarkable artists, events and programming.

The Walker is committed to being an inclusive workplace.  We are dedicated to the letter and spirit of the laws that define equal employment opportunity and have pledged to affirmative action. Therefore, Walker Art Center will recruit, hire, promote and transfer qualified persons into all job classifications without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or citizenship status, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, sexual orientation, age, disability, or military status.

The Walker Art Center requires all employees to comply with our COVID vaccination policy, which requires staff to be fully vaccinated or test every 6 days. The Walker Art Center is an equal opportunity employer and will consider request for reasonable accommodations based on disability or sincerely-held religious beliefs possible without undue hardship.